Quality Service

The basis of our business from the very start has been a credo consisting of owners who demanded professional and prompt service from our entire team. Unlike most appraisal companies, we employ a full office staff, in addition to contracting numerous appraisers. We have believed from day one that an appraisal business is just like any other business and it needs to be run as such. We liken ourselves to any professional entity who commands respect from the public. The reputation PAI Appraisers has developed and earned over the years has served us well. In the past five year period, approximately 10% of our appraisal reports were from referrals from existing clients.(Appraisal Form).

We also take advantage of all of the benefits today's technology brings to us. The internet and computerization has enabled PAI to supplement our staff with the necessary tools to meet today's high standards for appraisal services. As our client, you can order an appraisal, obtain status of your order and inquire the estimated delivery of your report by email or contacting us directly at 973-731-0400.