All About PAI Appraisers

 Priscoe Associates, Inc. was formed in November 1986 by Bob and Pat Priscoe. They utilized years of experience in real estate sales, real estate appraising, finance and construction to develop a small but quality list of clients. They began the company as a two person team and were intent on providing quality service and professional appraisals. Although they were small in size, a reputation for quality and professionalism rapidly spread and the growth of their client list quickly followed.

As business volume increased, Rob Priscoe, Jr. joined the firm as a staff appraiser and after a few years of experience, became President of PAI Appraisers. He is responsible for the daily operation of our firm, appraisal review and special property appraisals. Rob is available to all of our clients for any questions or concerns. He welcomes the use of his cell phone at 973-713-6027 as PAI holds the belief that the availablilty of our people is the essence of how we serve them. You can also e-mail Rob at

Lisa Foy, Bob and Pat's daughter then joined the firm on a service level and was named Operations Manager and Vice President. Lisa's responsibilities involve, but are not limited to, client laison and office operations. Lisa has been with PAI Appraisers for over fifteen years and her name is well known with all of our clients. Lisa can be e-mailed at

Debbie Fiore, the eldest daughter of Bob and Pat Priscoe, has recently joined the firm as Vice President in 2003. Debbie brings years of major corporate experience to our company. Debbie's responsibilities cover overall office operations, which include Accounts payable and receivables and payroll. She can be e-mailed at

Through the years, PAI Appraisers, Incorporated has developed a quality and substantial team of staff appraisers who are hired on a sub-contractural basis. Our appraisers are the essence of our ability to adequately service our clients. Each appraiser lives within the community in which he or she appraises. This insures that the appraiser has familiarity with all local economics, supply and demand and property value factors. Some of our appraisers have been with our firm for over ten years, which is a testament to the quality team we have developed. Growth has prompted our firm to develop a refined and detailed manner in which we train our appraisers. Whether we hire a seasoned appraiser with years of experience or a new apprentice, our training methods remain the same.