Competitive Fees

The appraisal industry within New Jersey is a highly competitive market. The phenomenal real estate market within New Jersey has brought many new appraisers into the industry. Unfortunately, the appraisal industry has many "part-timers" who under cut the fees of quality appraisers. They are able to do this as they quite simply do not offer the professional service and staff of a firm like PAI Appraisers. Our pricing is based upon integrating every facet of the services, people and computerization we offer. If price is the only factor in choosing a valuation company for your appraisal needs, PAI Appraisers is most likely not the correct choice for you.

Our price structure is competitive as our highly integrated and computerized office enables us to pass a savings over to our customer. Our appraisal order forms has a section in which you can, in writing, convey the characteristics of your property.